TEAR was established in April 2004 to provide help and support to direct and immediate victims of terrorist violence in the Rathfriland area.

TEAR, a voluntary informal friendship group, believes its name adequately explains the purpose and aims of the group.  The membership believe the needs, views and aspirations of direct victims, are precisely articulated by those who have personal experiences of terrorism.

TEAR bring direct and immediate victims together in an informal manner, thereby providing an opportunity to express views and opinions.  This also provides a safe and friendly environment to share and remember their personal experiences, the objective being to improve the condition of life for members, by giving support and encouragement to one another.  In doing so, aiding the process of one-day, being able to harness the painful experiences of the past for a more positive future.   

TEAR aims to develop growth beneficial to aid progression for members, as we believe when the weak strands of our lives are woven together great strength can be achieved.

Latest News
  • TEAR Annual Remembrance Service 9th March 2014

    TEAR Annual Remembrance Service will be held on the 9th March 2014 in 1st Rathfriland Presbyterian Church.  The service will be conducted by the Rev. Trevor Boyd.  Please come along

  • TEAR Present Cheques to Local Organisations

Tears & Memories
In 2009 TEAR published 'Tears & Memories', which recounts personal experiences of the troubles in Northern Ireland as told by some of its members.