TEAR bring direct victims together by organising social events and meetings, in the interest of social welfare. This therefore begins a process of encouraging its members to share and remember their experiences in a friendly and safe environment - thus improving their condition of life for being together, encouraging and remembering.  In doing so we:-

  • Provide an opportunity for those who have suffered most, at the hands of terrorist violence, to share their experiences in a safe and friendly environment.

  • Provide an opportunity to promote an awareness of the needs of direct victims in the wider community. 

  • Assist the recovery of those who have been worst affected by the ‘troubles’ in the Rathfriland area.

    Establish and maintain a means of contact and mutual support between those who are direct victims of terrorist violence.

  • Encourage a process of healing through remembrance with the help and support of the Group.

TEAR have a pool of voluntary workers capable of articulating and promoting the needs and aspirations of direct victims of terrorist violence to people of influence and decision-makers.  TEAR is a conduit in providing information and advice in relation to funding, compensation, counselling and Government policy, among others, on victim's issues to its members.