THERE are times when it seems that the people of Northern Ireland are so keen to move on and embrace the new peaceful society that they forget the sacrifices that were made. The hurt and pain of victims is still very much felt today and is being shared in a compilation of stories, 'Tears and Memories.' The book describes the effect of Republican terrorist violence on 12 members of 'Together, Encouraging and Remembering Victims of the Troubles (TEAR), a victim support group based in Rathfriland who have a connection with the security forces. Enduring 30 years of the troubles has left deep scars on security force families. The sustained republican campaign of terror often resulted in the loss of a loved one. ‘Tears and Memories' recounts how strength, courage and resolve helped these families cope during their darkest days. TEAR believes that this book will act as a lasting memorial to the sacrifices that were made during the Troubles and will become a legacy for future generations. Copies of 'Tears and Memories' will be placed in local libraries and schools. This project was funded by the Community Relation Council.    

TEAR is a voluntary victim support organisation, established in 2004.  It is committed to offering support and advice to those affected by terrorist violence. By bringing victims together in a safe and friendly environment, it gives them the opportunity to share experiences and remember the sacrifices they or their loved ones have made.

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