Tears & Memories

Over 30 years of republican terrorist violence has resulted in a multitude of tears.  Those tears and memories are now being shared by the innocent victims.  'Tears & Memories' is a compilation of personal and poignant stories of the affects of republican terrorist violence on 12 members of TEAR who have a connection with the security forces.

For over 30 years, security force families have had to endure a sustained republican campaign of terror.  This has left both mental and physical scars, and all too often resulted in the loss of a loved one.  'Tears & Memories' recounts the strength, courage and resolve shown by theses families and tells of how they coped during their darkest days.

At times it can seem that people in Northern Ireland are so eager to move on and embrace a peaceful society that they forget the sacrifices that were made.  The pain and hurt of victims is still felt today. TEAR believe that this book will act as a lasting memorial to the sacrifices that were made during the troubles in Northern Ireland and become a legacy for future generations.

The book and accompanying CD is a collection of stories, put together with the following aims in mind;

  • Empower innocent victims who have suffered at the hands of republican terrorists

  • Educate future generations of the horrific atrocities carried out by terrorists- in order that they may learn from the past and build a better brighter tomorrow

  • Aid innocent victims to move forward, harnessing the painful experiences of the past for a more positive future
  • Act as a lasting memorial to those injured, traumatised or bereaved during The Troubles
The members of TEAR are fully aware that this book recalls stories of their members only. Sadly, there are many more that could be told by individuals and families who suffered in much the same way, and for whom the legacy of pain and hurt will remain embedded in our history for years to come.

Copies of Tears & Memories will be placed in local libraries and schools, so that everyone will be able to learn of the atrocities that republican terrorists inflicted on our society.

For information on how to obtain a copy of the book, or to make a donation, please e-mail info@tear.org.uk